Custom Script Sticker Book

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Each Book Includes:

Laminated 10 mil Bold Color front and back covers.

16 - 1/4 sheet pages (8 back and front) sticker sheets printed and kiss cut on premium matte sticker paper.

Measurements of Sticker paper = 3.5x4.5.  Album Measurements = 3.75x4.75

When you are finished with a page of stickers in the book, simply remove the remaining white sticker paper and you are left with ultra smooth release paper to store left over stickers on. You will end up with a completely reusable sticker album!

This is an awesome value, retail price for just the sticker sheets alone would be over $55! 


In the notes to seller, please leave a note with your chosen 16 words or short phrases. Keep in mind, there is a limit of 15 characters per word or phrase.  Stickers will vary in size but will be no more then .50 in Height and 1.50 in width. The shorter the word or phrase the smaller in width it will be. We will fit as many stickers on each sheet as possible. Each sheet will vary in amount of stickers depending on the amount of characters in your word or short phrase. 

You have 4 choices for fonts, you can use a different font for each page but only 1 font per page. 

Please leave your note as follows so that we do not need to contact you with questions as that will hold up production on your album.

Page 1 - Trash Day - Font #2

Page 2 - Pay Visa - Font #1

Page 3 - Birthday - Font #3

Page 4 - Call Mom - Font #4

and so on.