Acrylic Key Chain - 1776 United States Patriotic Keychain

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This gorgeous keychain has a vibrant blue rendition of the United States with 1776 across the front!  Each keychain is laser cut so it smooth on all sides. The back side of the keychain is smooth and has been covered in a diamond dust mica powder and resin mixture to keep your acrylic safe from scratches. We chose resin so that all of the sparkly stuff stays where it is supposed and doesn't end up on your hands!

This Keychain will measure approximately 3.25" across the longest side not including any hardware.

All of our acrylic charms and keychains are made in house in our studio in Illinois. Our acrylic for these charms is sourced from US suppliers that are small businesses like ourselves. We use a laser cutter/engraver to create these charms for you.